• Our Aging Life Care Managers Can Assist With Concerns For Your Elderly Loved Ones Driving Safety

    Our Aging Life Care Managers Can Assist With Concerns For Your Elderly Loved Ones Driving Safety

    Are you concerned about your elderly loved ones driving safely? Did you know that forty percent of the fatal collisions of people 70 and older, compared with 23 percent of the crashes of 35-54 year-olds, occur at intersections and involve other vehicles? We generally out live are ability to drive well by 7 to 10 years. Not only that, but chances of injury in a car accident increase when we are over 70 years old. Taking the car keys away from an elderly parent is one of the toughest things to do as parents age.

    The role reversal from parents caring for their children to adult children caring for their aging parents is a difficult one. It represents loss of freedom, capability and control on the part of the parent and loss of the old parent/child relationship on the part of the adult child. The elderly parent may face intense feelings of helplessness for the first time and may only be accustomed to giving help – not receiving it. Feelings of anger can also accompany this natural loss of independence.

    Talking candidly to each other is a good first step as families move toward acceptance. If both parent and child feel heard and respected, it will be easier for each to appreciate the situation from the other’s perspective. Be sure to ask the person in need of care what their preferences are so that efforts can be made to accommodate their wishes as much as is realistically possible. Involve other family members to both confirm the need for care and to serve to diffuse the potentially volatile parent/child relationship. Make this change feel gradual by agreeing to a trial run with the promise to review how it’s going at regular intervals and to make tweaks accordingly. Finally, don’t give up!  Stay strong when you know that care is needed and necessary to preserve your elderly loved-one’s safety and longevity.

    With a profound understanding of the resources sorely needed by these clients and their families, Home Care Solutions is here to provide a dependable support system of information, assistance and dignified care. Locally owned and operated, Home Care Solutions services all of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Home Care Solutions Care Managers can assist you with resources and options for keeping your loved ones safe. Contact our office to learn more (504) 828-0900

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