As Home Care Solutions has evolved over the years, services have expanded in response to requests from professionals, as well as the changing needs of client families. Personalized consultation and recommendations to families remain the cornerstone of the company’s care management service. Home Care Solutions also offers Bill Manager services to assist clients needing support with bookkeeping and bill payments.

Also available through Home Care Solutions is Bill Manager Services.

Bill Manager Services

Bill Manager is a service that pays monthly bills for clients who need assistance with bill paying and household money management.

Through this practical service, Home Care Solutions’ bookkeeper assists the client or the client’s family to organize and pay their bills. Bill paying can be tailored to meet individual needs. Bills can be paid through a Home Care Solutions’ special account, or through assisting the client in person with check writing from the client’s personal account. We can also assist with sorting mail, organizing insurance and medical paperwork, as well as other household money management tasks.