An out of town daughter – “I want to express my appreciation for your taking the time from your work to attend my mom’s service. It was kind of you to put yourself out. I also want to thank you for all you did for my mom. Your sense of caring and professionalism is outstanding and you certainly provide my mother with the best of care.  For me personally I want to thank you for what you did because by your actions it relieved me of the pressures I had in taking care of my mother and making sure that she got the care I was able to provide her. During the times that I had to leave the city, it was a relief to know that you would be available for any event that might have occurred.”


Female client-   “May I express my thanks and extreme satisfaction in your selections of the sitters you sent me during my recent illness. They were in every way, exactly who I needed!”


Adult child of client-  “I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for all you did to make this process so easy. From the outset, I felt your care and support, and it made such a huge difference as my family lives far away. The caregiver (Seless ) was terrific, considerate, efficient, caring and dependable. I noticed that she was scrupulous in her reporting of hours and she was always punctual. She was a pleasure in every way.”


Attorney and curatrix for elderly couple–  “Please accept both my professional and personal gratitude for the services you and your staff are performing. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the care you are providing and your assistance has been invaluable.”






Female client-  “Thank you for outstanding service, I really appreciate having a company that I can depend on.”  


Grandson of a 95 year-old client  “I want to commend your business to anyone with family care problems. You do an exemplary job of respecting the interests of both your patient and the client family. You perform it with expertise and empathy.”  


Out-of-town adult daughter of client-  “Thank you all so much for all the care and concern you have shown Mom these past years.”


Daughter-in-law of long-time Alzheimer client- “Thanks for your attention to and concern for my mother-in-law’s welfare. I know her life today is better because of it.”


Daughter of client- “You are lucky to have Troy, she is so caring, efficient and such a joy to have as a companion.”


Client’s adult son-  “I will never forget the great job you did for all of us.”


Client’s adult daughter-  “The quality of care provided by Home Care Solutions was so important and made our job easier.”  


Hospital Case Manager- “My mother has done very well thanks to you all and your organization. I will remember to suggest Home Care Solutions in the future as part of my discharge planning.”


“I am overwhelmingly grateful for your service and for sending me the kind of person I can trust with my mom. Our caregiver is wonderful, loving, experienced and perfect for this kind of job…mission. Please let your entire organization know that they are providing a wonderful service and that their hard work, effort and dedication are definitely worthwhile.” – Adult child of Alzheimer’s patient


“I think having the sitters made my mother’s last few months much more comfortable and improved the quality of her life.” – Out-of-town adult son of client


“It gives the family such peace of mind to know you and your staff are taking such good care of our family members.” – Client’s niece


“You have no idea what a relief it has been for me to know you were overseeing things with my father.” — Adult child of a client


“Thank you for sending me Connie D. to assist me at home. She was exceptional and professional. Things went very smooth and calm with her. I would recommend your company to anyone I know.” — Elderly male client


“I thank you for all your assistance and personal attention, and want to express my family’s appreciation for the quality of life which you were able to provide my mother during her lifetime…You and your team were marvelous.” – Out-of-state son of paraplegic elderly woman


“Never could I have hoped for the independence you have helped my mother gain and me to enjoy. I am deeply grateful.” – Adult child of a client


“Hopefully, my client is now on the right track. Thanks to both of you for all your guidance with her medical and psychiatric care.” – Power of Attorney for Client


“We are receiving thoughtful, experienced, professional and caring services that have brought us peace of mind and the satisfaction of providing Mother with an improved life. Betty and Dianne have been responsive, creative and effective to every one of Mother’s problems and needs which I have asked them to address. I cannot imagine trying to provide Mother with the level of comfort and security she currently enjoys without them.” – Son of depressed/Parkinson’s patient


“Thank you for your visits with my aunt and your concern for her well being. Your services have been a great help to me and I want you to know how very much I appreciate the very professional services that you perform.” – Nephew/legal guardian of 87 year-old nursing home resident


“We are grateful–both for the brother as guardian and for the bank–for your professional skills and personal interest. You have made it possible for this severely disabled woman to live in the community again.” – Bank Trustee for client



“I feel your fees are very reasonable for the invaluable service you provide for both my mother and me.” – Adult daughter of a client