Why Hire an Aging Life Care Manager™?

Many older adults and their adult children can benefit from Aging Life Care Management, but few know what this service provides.

An Aging Life Care Manager (previously known as Geriatric Care Manager) can save you time and money before a care crisis occurs with elderly loved ones.

  • Aging Life Care Managers are well versed with the total menu of elder care resources in the area and can advise families about specific services that would be the best fit for them both logistically and financially.
  • For far flung families, forming a relationship with an Aging Life Care Manager before a fall or unexpected hospitalization or other sudden change in care needs can turn out to be wise insurance. A Care Manager can often be on site to handle a crisis situation even before family members can arrive through last minute travel.
  • Aging Life Care Managers can perform a professional assessment of an older relative and start up a schedule of periodic visits. This serves to both predict impending changes in care needs while families still have time to fully explore all options and to prevent a stressful, last-minute scramble when a health crisis does occur.
  • Aging Life Care Managers can facilitate conversation among adult siblings faced with their parents’ care. Care Managers are skilled in helping adult siblings resolve conflict and can help them reach a consensus ahead of time about which care decisions to make when, how best to allocate available financial resources and to plan for a realistic division of labor among available friends and family.

Consider including a visit to an Aging Life Care Manager as you take on the care and supervision of aging loved ones. The time invested now can benefit you greatly down the road. To find out more about the services an Aging Life Care Manager can provide please call Home Care Solutions at 504-828-0900, and ask to speak to an Aging Life Care Manager. Home Care Solutions is currently the only Home Care Company in the Greater New Orleans area that offers professional Aging Life Care Management Services.