Hurricane Preparedness – Be Ready

New Orleanians are no strangers Hurricane Preparedness; however, it is always good to have reminders.  In addition, if you have elderly loved ones there are special considerations for sheltering in place or evacuating. Home Care Solutions can help you weather the threat of a Hurricane.



  • Discuss Your Personal Evacuation Plans Early-  Talk to your family or friends about your specific evacuation plan.
  • Make a Detailed Plan-  Together devise a specific evacuation plan complete with packing lists, lists of shelters, hotels and hospitals along the way  to your destination just in case they are needed and a complete list of prescription medications and medical contacts both  locally and in your  destination area. Discuss transportation space limitations and decide ahead of time how many  personal items you can expect to take with you.
  • Know When to Go-  Make sure that all parties know what will trigger your evacuation.


What category storm will you leave for? How far in advance will you go?

How much prep time is needed?

Keep a written copy of your plan.  Knowing you are fully prepared can soothe away anxieties.


Home Care Solutions can assist with sorting mail, organizing insurance and medical  paperwork, as well as other household money management tasks, and having all important documents neatly organized to take with you, if you need to evacuate. Contact our office for more information.  504-828-0900 / www.HomeCareNewOrleans.com


Aging Life Care Manager Cathy Puett, LCSW,CMC has been providing Care Manager services with    Home Care Solutions for over six years. Cathy has worked as a medical and psychiatric social worker for over 20 years with a focus on gerontology.