Alzheimer’s disease affects not only memory, but also behavior, thinking and communication abilities. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s can be an extremely stressful job.

For example, a major issue in caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is misunderstanding or misinterpreting certain behaviors, such as wandering, refusing to bathe or outbursts of anger. The misunderstanding can be on both sides – the caregiver or the person receiving care. When caregivers understand the cause of the behavior, they are usually able to adapt the client’s environment or adjust their own behavior to make life less complicated for the memory-impaired person.

A trained caregiver who understands Alzheimer’s disease and who can apply special behavioral techniques can truly make a difference. Well-trained caregivers can keep the individual mentally and physically stimulated and functioning for as long as possible, while alleviating anxieties and frustrations.


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