• What can an Aging Life Care Manager offer?

    What can an Aging Life Care Manager offer?

    Even though older adults may be enjoying retirement, there often is stress and worry about future care costs. An Aging Life Care Manager can play a key role as older adults grapple with the realities of their future.


    What can an Aging Life Care Manager offer?


    Assessment and Planning

    Even before illness or disability, a geriatric care manager can provide realistic information to older adults about long-term care options and the associated costs. Pre-planning can add peace of mind to older adults and their families. Geriatric care managers can help formulate plans suited to the older adult’s anticipated care needs, finances and personality.


    Preserving Independence

    Understandably, older adults want to avoid the role reversal that often occurs when children need to step in and make decisions for their parents in a crisis. An Aging Life Care Manager can help the older adult to develop their own future plans, to reassure their family members and to remain in charge of their own wishes. Often a  care manager can act as a liaison between the older adult client and family members.


    Join Your Team of Professionals

    Many older adults have a trusted CPA, financial planner or attorney with whom they collaborate for important financial decisions. Consider adding an Aging Life Care Manager to this team. They can contribute valuable information about costs and options for elder care planning. Facing the realities of one’s future care needs, being knowledgeable about what’s available, and being prepared to fund these choices is another way older adults can take charge.


    This year, resolve to include an Aging Life Care Manager in your financial planning process. You will be ensuring that a specialized adviser will be available for your future needs.

    To learn more about Aging Life Care visit Aginglifecare.org


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